The elegant Palazzo Diquattro built in the 19th century, inherited from generation to generation, now extends its welcome to all those keen to sample its history. The thick walls and the ancient vaults tell the Sicilian hospitality through attention to detail and the perfect harmony between old and new. Inside, historical artefacts owned by the Diquattro family for centuries, restored to their full splendour, tell the story of an authentic Sicily. Original floors, the staircase in pitch, an ancient niche, comfortable relaxation areas, large reading room, antique furniture and lovely terrace – all contribute to an unforgettable stay in the heart of Ragusa Ibla.

The Styles

All furniture found in Epoca belonged to the family who lived in the palace from the early 1800s. Each generation added personal touch throughout the centuries with the emphasis on current trends in art. Each piece has been mastered by local craftsmen using raw materials that stood the test of time.


The style is characterised by curves and sinuous movements of shapes, ovals and rounded, where you prefer the carving instead of the inlay. All this gives to the place a majestic look.

Art Nouveau

This style is inspired by the natural forms and structures. Particularly the representation of leaves and flowers in carving and other techniques with the ultimate aim to embellish the furniture. All details give the place pomp and elegance.

Art Decò

Draws on the Liberty movement in the choice of subjects. However, flowers and leaves are simpler and often represented with bas-reliefs and paintings, definitely more sober than the pompous sculptures characterized the Liberty style.